Conference Program - ECE IX

Ninth European Conference of Egyptologists S ession 7: EGYPT’S RECEPTION IN THE MODERN WORLD Massimo De Grassi Egyptomania and artistic production in 19 th century Trieste Katalin Kóthay, Eva Liptay Roots and contexts of Egyptomania in Hungary, 1800-1934 Anetta Łyżwa-Piber, Katarzyna Wodarska-Ogidel The fascination with ancient Egypt in the Polish theatre Nicolaas J. Van Blerk Protecting the cultural heritage of ancient Egypt: who owns Egyptian antiquity? Saturday 26 th June DISCUSSION MEETINGS All meetings will be held via the Zoom platform. Invitation links will be sent to all participants by e-mail the day before. 09:00-10:00 Greetings; Session 1: Archaeology and Excavations 10:30-11:30 Session 2: Museums and Collections 12:00-13:00 Session 3: Language, Writing and Texts 14:30-15:15 Session 4: Iconographic Studies 15:45-16:15 Session 5: Historical Studies 16:30-17:00 Session 6: Religious Studies 17:15-17:45 Session 7: Egypt’s Reception in the Modern World 18:00-19:00 Closing Session: Keynote speeches and final remarks S ession 5: HISTORICAL STUDIES Giacomo Cavillier Pharaoh Siamun and the Old Testament: an interesting question about war and alliance Ann-Kathrin Jeske Egypt’s strategy beyond its eastern border in the 2 nd millennium BCE Adam Łukaszewicz The first Roman prefect of Egypt and the Vatican obelisk Daniela Martins Being abroad: private reward in the mid-18 th dynasty Levant Nenad Marković ‘Sole companion, who is in the heart of his lord’: king Amasis and the creation of a new elite André Patrício ThehistoryofEgyptianmemoryduring theNewKingdom: a study on kings lists and manipulation of history Alexandre Vassiliev The Land of the Sand-Dwellers S ession 6: RELIGIOUS STUDIES Guilherme Borges Pires ‘With your mouth, your eyes and your hands’ - Creator’s corporeality and creation in the religious hymns of the New Kingdom (ca. 1539-1077 BC) Marta Kaczanowicz Deciphering palimpsests - Thebes in the First Millennium BCE as a model necropolis Anna Salsano The roles of the archangel Michael in Coptic Apocrypha Manon Y. Schutz Neith: The mother, the coffin, and the bed 12